Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Money Dance

December 6
Money:  Where did you spend your money this year?  Did you save it instead?  What, if anything, would you like to do with your finances this year?

It makes me uncomfortable to talk about money. I very rarely discuss financial matters with anyone,  even my closest friends and family.

Money was always a thing when I was growing up.  My father always looked at things from a financial perspective. We took family road trips because air fair costs an arm and a leg.  I wasn't permitted to stay home sick from school because do you have any idea how much Catholic school costs? And didn't I understand money doesn't grow on trees? ?

I hated it.  And I always promised myself that I wouldn't live like that.

I sometimes joke that I spend my disposable income on sweaters and wine.

But that's not really a joke.

I have just always chosen to spend the money, buy the things I want, give freely,  have adventures as opportunities arise.

This year my money paid for art I love and pedicures with people I love and shopping trips and wine club and Run or Dye and meals with friends and a weekend getaway with sorority sisters in Charleston, SC.

I definitely should save more, and I've set some very specific financial goals for myself for next year... but no money regrets. I'm happy to live with my money instead of counting it.

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