Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting It

On Sunday I had brunch with a new friend (J) and my best friend (Hope).

A few hours (and several mimosas) later, we part ways. As new friend exited the building, Hope looked at me and declared "I love her!".
"You do?" Hope very rarely loves anyone immediately. In fact, one of the things we have in common is that we usually dislike people in general and girls like J in particular.
"I really do... This may sound stupid, but she gets it. You know?"

I do know. I often categorize people that way in my head: the people who "Get It" - get me- and those who "Don't Get It".
Its something I got from a Judy Blume book years ago (how cliche is that?).

I have plenty of friends who don't get it- I would venture to say that most of them don't. And that's okay. I enjoy those people. I work with them, attend their parties, go to bars, try new restaurants and watch college football with them. We live pleasantly intersecting lives. But are these the people that will be in my life forever? Probably not.

Occasionally, a soul will cross my path who really and truly "Gets It". A person who will play an important role in my life, a person who will change me.

J is lovely. She's funny and intelligent and soothing.
Maybe soothing is a strange way to describe someone, but there is a serious lack of stability in my day-to-day.
She's been a breath of fresh air in my emotionally stuffy, smothered world.

I'm aware that it sounds like I have a weird crush on her. I swear that I don't.
Its just that the J is short for Justine.
And she's made such a fortuitous entrance into my life that I can't help but think she was sent to help me.

Is that hoodoo? Or just plain foolishness?

Is it too much pressure for a new friendship?
Maybe. Probably.

But she gets it.

So maybe not. 

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